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Meghan Mini

€83 (7500р)


The proportions and construction of Meghan Mini bag are the same as those of Meghan bag. Therefore, the baby is in no way inferior to its "elder sister", except for the size. We left the length of the handles the same as in Meghan bag, so that it would be convenient for you to carry Meghan Mini on your shoulder, in your hand and in the crease of your elbow. It is easy to shop and walk around the city with the bag as it weighs no more than a pair of shoes but it can hold four or five more of them.The bag is made of dense smooth leather that does not wrinkle.

● zipper bag
● natural leather
● black color
● a zipper pocket outside
● two slip pockets and a zipper pocket inside
● shoulder handles
● metal feet
● handcrafted in Saint Petersburg, Russia


  • Size
    26 х 42 х 15,5 cm
    26 х 24 х 15,5 cm
    Handles 23 cm
    Weight: 600 g
  • Material
    100% leather
  • Care
    Wipe with a dry soft cloth. Treat the surface of the bag by Gel SAPHIR.

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