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At first, we were two: Tanya Anton. We were born and raised in St. Petersburg. Educated in the field of design, we tried to increase knowledge and gain experience, so continued their education in Europe.
In the course of our studying we realized the importance of manufacturing design. We thought that if there was lack of something, we could produce that something ourselves. We always had a soft corner for leather bags and accessories – we adore warmth and naturalness of the material, we appreciate the atmosphere which surrounds things made of leather. Our working experience in the sphere of leather bags production helped us to set up our own manufactory. In 2009 we opened our workshop branded Two-Ta leather works.
We love handicraft work – a thing made by the skillful foreman contains its special energy. From the very beginning we made our production only with our own facilities and we do not plan to change that, despite that our working team has increased since then. Our company philosophy is simple: “Aim to make things as good as it is just possible!” To realize this maxim we develop our manufactory in Saint-Petersburg. The atmosphere of this city inspires us, thanks to its peculiarity the collocation “cozy leather bags” is the one which perfectly defines our style.
Designing is a captivating
process! There’re lots of things
which inspire us: from classical
Scandinavian shapes to foppish
American motifs. The first rule we
follow is the design functionality.
We don’t admit excessiveness in
details, but we try to polish up any
surplus details which still find
their place in some works. Classical
shapes, modern natural design and
the warmth of high quality materials
– that is how we see our works.
Genuine leather has always excited our passion. It’s the material which possesses exceptional properties and unique aesthetics. For our bags we select high quality leather of bark tannage and chrome tannage, which can evoke plenty of agreeable tactile sensations. Most of materials are made in Italy, as Italian masters are rightly considered leaders in the sphere of genuine leather production.
Fasteners and snap fasteners are extremely important elements of leather bags. The quality of these elements is a key factor of durability and comfortable usage of a bag. We work with world leading manufacturers: they’re German company PRYM, which has been producing snap fasteners for almost 500 years, a number of manufacturers of metal zip fasteners, such as YKK, Tex Import и General Zipp. Using the best quality materials, we can be proud of the results achieved and feel the appreciation of our clients.
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