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Slater canvas belt bag for those who are not attached to material values ​​and stereotypes, for those who are relaxed and like to live easily and freely.
This unisex bag is light enough for a girl, and moderately brutal for a man.

The strap of the bag is fastened with plastic fastex and adjustable.
The maximum belt length is 100 cm. Inside the bag there is one compartment where the wallet, phone and documents will fit.
For small things, there is a pocket on the back wall.

● a combination of brown canvas and brown leather with aging effect
● closes with a zipper
● inside a single compartment
● there is an external pocket with a zipper
● adjustable fastex strap made of durable plastic
● made by hand in St. Petersburg


  • Size
    117 х 25 х 3,5 cm
    Length of strap: 50 - 100 cm
    Weight: 150 g
  • Material
    100% canvas
  • Care
    Wipe with a dry soft cloth. Treat the surface of the bag by Gel SAPHIR. and protector Saphir Nano Invulner.

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