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Ginger is a transformer bag that can be used as a handbag, a backpack, and a shoulder bag. The length of the detachable handle is enough to carry Ginger both, in the crease of your elbow and in your hand. The leather straps are designed so that you can carry the bag like a backpack or on your shoulder.

Ginger is lightweight and diverse and can hold a lot due to its pouch form and a drawstring way of closing it.

● drawstring transformer bag
● natural leather
● camel color
● two zipper pockets: one inside and one outside
● a small slip pocket inside
● a detachable handle
● leather straps
● handcrafted in Saint Petersburg, Russia


  • Size
    24 х 20,5 х 13,5 cm
    Short strap: 32 cm
    Long strap: 72 - 94 cm
    Weight: 570 g
  • Material
    100% calf leather
  • Care
    Wipe with a dry soft cloth. Treat the surface of the bag by Gel SAPHIR.

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