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Wolfe Notebook

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When you open the notebook Wolfe, you certainly feel the craving for creativity. Travel to the edge of the world, making notes about incredible adventures or sketches of unprecedented places! With this accessory, even ordinary office records acquire a special charm.
For the notebook, we used all the best: classic design and great materials. The cover is made of high quality saddle leather with a natural texture. The block consists of 60 sheets of thick ivory-colored paper with a point printing - in our opinion, the most versatile layout.
The design makes it easy to change the blocks if necessary, so under one cover you can keep a workbook, a notebook for travel or an album for sketches!

● natural black saddle leather
● closes with an elastic sling
● paper block of 60 sheets with a point printing
● the ability to quickly change the unit
● handcrafted in Saint-Petersburg


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